Safety & Certificates

Raw materials

Edu Fun We use only the best, natural, high quality materials, which include European beech wood and German paints and varnishes. All the different stages involved in the making and packaging of our high quality products are carried out in our own existing factory and in our new second factory.

We Edu Fun pride ourselves on our high quality products, which must all pass the highest standards in quality and rigid safety standards. Safety is ensured by all our products complying with the European Norms EN71.

Edu Fun was the first factory in the world to import European materials such as (beech wood, plywood, paints) then process, manufacture and send them back to the European market and the case remains as it is. On the other hand, other countries using local cheaper options.

Safety Standards & Certificates

Edu Fun meets the latest high international standards of safety for our whole product range. Compliant with international standards, even the strict European CE standards, our products are safe for preschool and kindergarten children. We Care about your children’s safety, so you do not have to. All of our products and production facilities are certified with the following international and European.