The earliest examples of wood working are over 5,000 years old, found in the tomb of Semerkhet. Many of the pharaohs were buried with objects that had African ebony veneer and ivory inlays. According to some scholars, Egyptians were the first to varnish, or “finish” their woodwork, though no one knows the composition of these “finishes”. Finishing is the art of placing some kind of protective sealant on wood materials in order to preserve them.

Ancient Egyptian woodworkers used a variety of tools, including axes, adzes, chisels, pull saws, and bow drills. During the earliest pre-dynastic period (circa 3100 B.C., about the time of the first pharaoh), they also used mortise and tenon joints to join pieces of wood. Pegs, dowels, and leather or cord lashings strengthened these joints. Animal glue was used during the New Kingdom period (1570 – 1069 B.C.).

Egyptologists found the world’s oldest piece of plywood in a third dynasty coffin. It was made of six layers of wood four millimetres thick held together by wooden pegs. The Egyptians used a variety of wood to build their furniture and other objects.

The wood came from native acacias, local sycamore, and tamarisk trees. However, when deforestation occurred in the Nile Valley starting from the Second Dynasty, they began importing cedar, Aleppo pine, beechwood, boxwood, and oak from various parts of the Middle East and Europe. They also imported ebony from Egyptian colonies and used it to construct items that went into tombs such as inlaid wooden chests.

This is why Edu-Fun was created and established in Egypt. This long history of working with wood to produce quality furniture has been one of the many influences for starting our company. Today, we have expanded exponentially around the globe with our newest factory opening in Melbourne, Australia. Australia has long required a solid market leader for producing quality furniture and safety products for children, that until now has largely remained untapped.

And so, we would like to welcome you to Edu-Fun and thank you for helping us make the world a better place for future generations through Education, and utilising environmentally sustainable products.

Early beginning of Edu-Fun learning material and furniture 1988.