Arabic Learning Resources

Perhaps one of the most fascinating languages in the world today is the Arabic language. Based on the latest published statistics, Arabic is also one of the most spoken languages, ranking fifth just behind the English and Hindi languages. Around 250 million people have it as their mother tongue with many more understanding it as a second language. When we started our company 30 years ago, we aimed at providing the region with educational toys that can help children to learn in a fun way. There were of course many other international companies before us in the field of designing and manufacturing educational toys, but we were the first company to create educational toys teaching Arabic. Edu-Fun has developed many toys, which embrace the uniqueness of the Arabic language. It has succeeded in creating products which have changed the impression many had that Arabic was a difficult and boring language to learn. We have contributed in taking a leading role in helping learners all over the world not only to learn the Arabic language but to love it.

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