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Educational Projects Co. Overview

Edu Fun is an international brand specialized in Preschools supplies & Furniture, Since 1987, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying our worldwide agents & Egyptian market with the best educational wooden toys and preschool furniture.


When Edu Fun was first established as Educational Projects Co. in 1987, it was the first and only company in its field in the Middle East.


The background of our company goes back a long way, as the founders of Edu Fun had established a large chain of schools in the Middle East over 40 years ago.

Branded Products

We have a very wide range of Branded Products made from different materials in our factories.

OEM Services

“Original Equipment Manufacturer: We pride ourselves on our high quality products which must all pass the highest standards in quality and rigid safety standards.”

EDU Fun Stores
United Arab Emirates

Edu Fun is honored to receive you in all of our stores where you’ll see toys from a new perspective, we have several stores all over Egypt, we have stores around the globe and we’re still spreading.

Export and international regional office

Edu Fun is well known for the outstanding quality
and safety complying to the highest standards

we have a growing market and we’d
like to cooperate with more partners of success.


Clients in:

France – Lebanon  – KSA  –  Jordan –  Qatar  –  Spain  –  USA  –  Belgium  –  Hungary  –  Cyprus  –  Solvinia  –  Algeria  –  Canada   –  Netherlands  –  Palestine – Tunisia  –  Kuwait  –  Libya  –  South Africa  –  UAE


Manufacturing Profile

The factory covers an area of 15,000 m2. It is the first factory to specialize

in the manufacturing of educational toys & furniture and it`s the biggest

factory of its kind in the Arab world . Using over 20 years of experience

we’ve been the satisfying the needs of educational institutes by following

the international standards to create the best ergonomic designs.

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Some of our Projects

Edu Fun has the privilege of working hand in hand with well-known international institutions, governmental institutions and many private investors.

Edu-fun is trusted by 23,000+ clients and companies worldwide

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